Roof Replacement


From removing your existing roof to the final inspection and clean up, Maverick Exteriors is there every step of the way.Our service includes:

  • Roof removal
  • Install/replace plywood decking
  • Installing metal edging
  • Installing new rubber vents on plumbing stacks
  • Replacing existing roof vents and turbines
  • New brown steel “W” alley
  • Reflashing chimneys and resealing with silicone
  • Installing shingles
  • Installation of ice/water membrane
  • Remove all debris and clean job site

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Siding Replacement

When clapboards and shakes rot or break they can no longer protect your home.

Our service includes:

  • Removal of batts and lap siding
  • Installation of insulation board
  • Foundation cap on bottom perimeter
  • Master mount light blocks on fixtures
  • Install new vertical or lap siding
  • Matching material to all soffit overhangs
  • Wrap fascia boards with aluminum coil stock
  • Remove all debris and clean job site

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Window Replacement

Replacing a window incorrectly can damage the window and cost a homeowner hundreds of dollars in lost energy efficiency.

Our service includes:

  • Removal of windows
  • Installation of new windows
  • Installation of foam insulation
  • Caulk inside and outside of window
  • Wrap exterior brick mold trim
  • Remove all debris and clean job site

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About Maverick

Looking for a dependable local Kansas City contractor that knows the ropes about roofing, siding and windows? Call Maverick Exteriors to discuss your needs for a quality project at a competitive price.

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